Storing your gown before your wedding


I get lots of questions from brides who purchase a wedding gown 12-24 months before their wedding and wonder if it is necessary to preserve the gown somehow to keep it from yellowing or getting damaged otherwise.

If you're looking to store a gown for over 18 months, we do offer a service in which we sell you a preservation chest in which to store the gown.  Then after the wedding, we'll clean and preserve the gown in the same chest , crediting you the price you paid for the chest.

For weddings that are less than 18  months away, here's our best advice for keeping your gown fresh and gorgeous.

1.  Don't store the gown in plastic.  Either wrap it in a white cotton sheet or use a breathable gown bag (available from most boutiques or from us)

2.  Don't store the gown hanging for over 3 months.  It's best to store the gown flat, folded in the sheet or bag.  Hanging can cause it to stretch or warp as the weight of the gown pulls itself down.  When you do hang it, be sure to use the ribbon loops at the side seams to do so.

3.  Don't store your gown where there are extremes in temperature or humidity.  Store it safely out of the reach of pets or curious children. And of course, no cigarette smoke!  If there are smokers in the house, put your gown in the most secluded closet possible.

4.  If your gown needs to be cleaned before the wedding, we suggest doing so 1-3 weeks before the big day.  Contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

5.  The same advice applies to veils, too!

More questions?  Please email me at   We'd love to help!