Planning Ahead

A few months ago, a lovely lady in her older years contacted me about her wedding gown.  She wanted me to clean and restore it.  I asked if a modern bride would be wearing it and she told me that she hoped so, but it would not be for several years.  I was a little puzzled, as most restorations we do are for brides who are planning to wear a family gown in the coming year.

However, this lady just wanted to be sure the dress was in nice shape and safely stored...just in case someone wanted to use it in the future.

To be honest, when I saw the gown I was a little concerned.  It was quite discolored and the condition of the lace was questionable.  But, the client wanted me to do my best and see how the gown responded.

The gown went through a series of very gentle baths with our proprietary solutions and processes.  I was constantly checking on the lace to be sure that it was holding together and not weakening.  The orange color (see photo) began fading to a lovely vintage ivory color.

After the careful cleaning and then a pressing, the gown was ready to box up for the next bride.  The lace did develop a few very small holes, but they can be repaired if needed.  Sometimes a modern bride wants to shorten or remove the sleeves or neckline, so I often do not suggest making large repairs or changes until a bride is ready to make the gown her own.