Sarah contacted GLWGS in the fall of 2014.  We had a wonderful consultation appointment spent looking at the beautiful gown that both her mother and her grandmother had worn for their wedding days.

We met and looked at the gown together.  It was showing some signs of age, but was in fairly good condition.  Sarah shared some ideas that she had for making the gown her own and we talked about fit and style.

The next step was to clean the gown and whiten it a bit.  The original lace had some small holes in it and deteriorated a bit more in the cleaning process, but since we had already decided to replace the lace, this was not a concern.

After the gown was clean, it went to our seamstress Sherry for fitting and alterations.  Sherry replaced the lace bodice and sleeves, restyling these parts a bit to fit Sarah's body and her taste.  The neckline was lowered a bit in front...and a lot in back, and the sleeves were shortened to elbow-length.

Finally, the gown was pressed and ready for Sarah to wear at her wedding in late 2015.

Thank you, Sarah, for trusting us with this special gown.  You looked gorgeous in it!