Peter & Katelyn - June 23, 2018

Peter & Katelyn - June 23, 2018

Katelyn purchased her wedding gown at Spring Sweet in Holland.  She says that "My gown is unique and not like many others. I was able to create a gown I felt comfortable in by piecing together different tops, skirts, and belts until I found my dream dress. "  The boutique referred Katelyn to us for alterations and pressing - when you have a gown this unique and gorgeous, it's so important to follow up the lovely boutique experience with knowledgeable and experienced people to help make it look it's very best on the wedding day - so we were honored to help Katelyn!

OH how we LOVE those layers!  The horsehair trim makes them really fall into beautiful curves - especially after pressing.

Peter & Katelyn's wedding was at Second Christian Reformed Church with a reception at Trillium Events Center in Spring Lake.  Her gown looks perfect in both settings! (and that bouquet!!)

We wish Peter and Katelyn all the best; thanks for sharing your wedding day with us!

Photographer: Lauryn Borst Photography