One of the most unique vintage gowns from our 2017 season was Cortney's. Cortney's wedding plans were unique too...she and her fiance were planning a surprise wedding!  So, during the entire time of restoring and restyling the vintage gown that had belonged to her grandmother, we had to pretend that it was for "someday down the line..." and keep her secret from her mom and other family members who came with her to the fittings.

The wedding gown was originally from 1952.  When Cortney brought it to our studio, we fell in love with the design.  It needed cleaning and some lace repair as well as a bit of restyling to the neckline and bodice to make it just a bit more modern for Cortney. In the photos below, you can see the gown at our Vintage Consult appointment with Cortney and then again at an intermediate appointment. The gown has been whitened and the neckline opened up a bit between the two photos, but you can see the lace still needs some restoration.

Cortney also took part in a styled photo shoot we did with Elisabeth Marie Photography in fall of 2017; the photos below are from that day.